Epworth Children’s Village Residential Care Programmes

The Epworth Children’s Village Child and Youth Care Centre is a residential care facility for children placed through the Children’s Court. The focus of our residential programmes is family reunification and re-integration into the community. We work holistically with children, their families and the broader community to “be the gateway between brokenness and healing.”

We have five residential care programmes:

 Residential Treatment Programme – families in crises. Intensive therapeutic intervention is provided for the children and their families in view towards return placement of the children to their families within a period of two years. The therapeutic interventions include psychotherapy, play therapy, family therapy, and Theraplay.

Family Reunification Programme – provides long term residential care and family reunification for children in need and provides intervention aimed at placing them back into the community in the shortest possible time frame. This programme works with families who have experienced long-term dysfunction and require long-term intervention.

Early Childhood Development Programme – provides for the special needs of children in residential care affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS including early learning development, occupational therapy, remedial and medical intervention.

Foster Care Programme – aims to recruit, screen and train potential foster parents for orphaned/ abandoned, vulnerable and special needs children and to prepare the children for foster care in order to place them back into the community.

Independent Living Programme – provides long term residential care for children who are unable to be reunited with their families or placed within their extended family network and/or are not suitable candidates for foster care with an emphasis on life skills, education and training in preparation for independent living in addition to maintaining strong community ties wherever possible.