Christmas Message

The festive season reminds us of the importance of relationships. It’s the pause ……. in our busy lives a time to recollect and reconnect with family and friends, and often ourselves. Whether at home or away it’s a time to rekindle our dreams and plan for the year ahead. Christmas awakens the Spirit of Hope and Generosity. As you approach this period we ask you to keep the staff “Our Warriors of Hope” at Epworth and all of children in your hearts. Fifty little souls will be spending Christmas with us in the Home estranged from their families, keep them in your prayers. Christmas is a time for Love and peace use that approach when you face the challenges presented by families being together. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones with unlimited moments of joy and love and may this magical time of Christmas and New Year be Blessed with an Abundance of good things. Travel safely!


A 100 years of care (Click for mor info) 

Epworth Children’s Village recently closed the Methodist Church’s Mission Week off on a high note and begun their centenary celebrations in the same breath.