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Celebrate with us as we own a 100 years of Child care. (November 2018 to November 2019). We invite you to join us on this journey to be a part of the Epworth Tribe. Epworth’s biggest strength over the 100 years of our existence rests in its people. The staff that have carried the vision for children and their families through the decades. It is the staff that are the vehicles of change their love, persistence, consistency and their rules are what create change and Hope for children. We don’t win all the battles but as a team we never give up. We champion our children and we support each other. When one staff member is weak another is strong it’s part of what makes us work as a village and as the Epworth tribe. We come together in our diversity, from different backgrounds, cultures and families with our own trials and challenges but we have a common goal and it unifies us into the Epworth tribe. We have a vision to create a safe place for children to heal and grow and our driving force for each child is to Ignite Hope for a brighter future.


COVID-19 has increased the demand for NPO services while impacting the revenue-and the fund raising opportunities, in 2020 Epworth felt the crunch as our “Donations in Kind “declined due to the lockdown regulations set out by government and the department of social services.

Impacting around 75 % of our “in kind” donations products which made up a large part of our collections in towards groceries, dry goods and season drives which included clothing, blankets, pyjamas and winter woollies plus other household items.

Due to the impact of the pandemic on the economy many of our donors have not been able to support us as they had the past, our major funders have changed focused or are no longer funding which has dropped our donation for the last quarter by over 50% of the normal levels.

We receive around 50 percent of our donations from individuals like you. Many loyal donors have lost their jobs and have huge financial constraints of their own and are therefore unable to give right now; 40 percent has historically been received from local and provincial businesses. More than half of those businesses are struggling or have had to close shop for the foreseeable future.

The delayed payment from the Department of Social Development is a contributing factor to the current difficulties.

Epworth has been fortunate enough to learn how to adapt and manage change over the last 102 years and COVID – 19 was no different. The Board, Director and Management Team where continuously re-evaluating and reassessing measurements for success, using resources effectively, managing costs, income, and income expectations, and ensuring that they remain relevant. We have followed very stringent protocols regarding the pandemic with our staff and our children. Our staff have been amazing as always committed and caring throughout the process. They have locked in for extended periods when required and have managed really difficult situations. Our medical back up by Julie Blackburn in conjunction with a formidable team of child care staff has kept everyone as safe as possible. Our core team of staff the drivers, maintenance and kitchen have all played key roles in the management of this very tough year.

We are reaching out to our community and all of our friend’s past and present to assist us through these tough times.  We are needing monies for food, lights and water, and fuel. In addition, we would be grateful for winter woollies and toiletries.

We are so proud to report on our tremendous impact in the community and we would like to continue to ensure that we are able to provide 84 children within the residential care program and for the beneficiaries who receive professional psychological services at the assessment centre and schools.

We are so proud to report on our tremendous impact in the community and we would like to continue to ensure that we are able to provide 84 children within the residential care program and for the beneficiaries who receive professional psychological services at the assessment centre and schools.

That is why we are asking you to give or pledge as generously as you can, if you are in a position to do so, today. If we know we have other sources committed, we can keep planning for the future.

You can help TODAY by donating directly into our bank account, donating a food voucher, or purchasing items needs off our wish list. Contact us for more information.

Our Banking Details

  • Epworth Childrens Homes
  • First National Bank
  • Account number: 51120374255
  • Cheque Account
  • Branch Number: 250142
  • REF – Surname

Please ensure you email us your details so that we may express our thanks and send you a Section 18 A.

If you would like further information on our programs or professional psychological services please feel free to contact the writer or our offices on 011 827 57532 or admin@epworthvillage.org.za

Just by shopping, because every time you swipe your card at any of the 12 national or numerous local partners they’ll make a donation on your behalf to the school or cause you choose at absolutely no cost to you!


Intern Educational and Counselling Psychologists undertake their final year Masters internship at the Therapy and Assessment Centre. The internship consists of individual therapy, group work and assessments at the Epworth Children’s Village, other welfare organisations and schools. Our internship is challenging and dynamic and interns are exposed to a variety of clients and cases which allow them to develop a skill set to work with any circumstance and client need within their scopes of practice.


Donations are tax deductible as per section 18A of the income tax act. All donations are tax deductible and excempt of donation tax.


Nelson Mandela:  Day Note

In 2020 , Nelson Mandela’s message to us , is not only important and to be remembered on his birthday but every day as more and more people get affected by the spread of Covid-19, which has hit every economy, causing challenges across the board.

Lets us not forget to Inspire , Take action and Change , cause even in this time of uncertainly , Hope is all we have and if we  stand together we can make things happen …  I am asking for your support to help me raise awareness , donations and sponsorship for food , for up to 100 Beneficiaries at Epworth Children’s Village (Home) we been feeding children for the last 101 years.

How Can You Help

  • Challenge your family and friends to sponsor one meal for a child at R 25,00
  • Donate
  • Groceries items from the wish- list  * Please note deliveries need to be arranged
  • Vouchers PnP, Clicks, DisChem and any other food places

Banking Details

  • Bank: First National Bank – Branch: Germiston – Branch number: 250142
  • Account Holder – Epworth Home
  • Account Number: 51120374255
  • Type of account: Cheque
  • Reference: Surname
  • Please email: Proof of payment with name, surname, and address for record purposes:  admin@epworthvillage.org.za

100 years of Care

100 years of care (Click for more info) 

Epworth Children’s Village recently closed the Methodist Church’s Mission Week off on a high note and begun their centenary celebrations in the same breath.