Welcome to Epworth 2019


Celebrate with us as we own a 100 years of Child care. (November 2018 to November 2019). We invite you to join us on this journey to be a part of the Epworth Tribe. Epworth’s biggest strength over the 100 years of our existence rests in its people. The staff that have carried the vision for children and their families through the decades. It is the staff that are the vehicles of change their love, persistence, consistency and their rules are what create change and Hope for children. We don’t win all the battles but as a team we never give up. We champion our children and we support each other. When one staff member is weak another is strong it’s part of what makes us work as a village and as the Epworth tribe. We come together in our diversity, from different backgrounds, cultures and families with our own trials and challenges but we have a common goal and it unifies us into the Epworth tribe. We have a vision to create a safe place for children to heal and grow and our driving force for each child is to Ignite Hope for a brighter future.

Nelson Mandela:  Day Note

In 2020 , Nelson Mandela’s message to us , is not only important and to be remembered on his birthday but every day as more and more people get affected by the spread of Covid-19, which has hit every economy, causing challenges across the board.

Lets us not forget to Inspire , Take action and Change , cause even in this time of uncertainly , Hope is all we have and if we  stand together we can make things happen …  I am asking for your support to help me raise awareness , donations and sponsorship for food , for up to 100 Beneficiaries at Epworth Children’s Village (Home) we been feeding children for the last 101 years.

How Can You Help

  • Challenge your family and friends to sponsor one meal for a child at R 25,00
  • Donate
  • Groceries items from the wish- list  * Please note deliveries need to be arranged
  • Vouchers PnP, Clicks, DisChem and any other food places

Banking Details

  • Bank: First National Bank – Branch: Germiston – Branch number: 250142
  • Account Holder – Epworth Home
  • Account Number: 51120374255
  • Type of account: Cheque
  • Reference: Surname
  • Please email: Proof of payment with name, surname, and address for record purposes:  admin@epworthvillage.org.za

100 years of Care

100 years of care (Click for more info) 

Epworth Children’s Village recently closed the Methodist Church’s Mission Week off on a high note and begun their centenary celebrations in the same breath.