Welcome to our page! We would like to take this opportunity to Wish you as you stop by and all our loyal supporters, suppliers, partners and donors a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Abundant New Year for 2017.

Oh my What a Year this has been!

Reflecting on 2016 we have had to say some goodbyes and many hellos we have met new people on the way and we have had a lot to be grateful for. We celebrate those who have contributed to our journey. We are very grateful for your support.

There have been challenging times this year and Epworth has relied on the loyalty of our staff to keep the doors open through months of monetary crisis. The year is closing off at such a pace and we are all rushing to get everything finished, children are going home, parties and special events are planned.
We hope that you are able to take some time, like we will be, to enjoy your family and friends. Be safe through the festive season

As is our custom, we are on skeleton staff for the festive season but this year we still have 41 children in the home for Christmas and New year. Keep them in your heart and prayers.

Christmas season is full of magic, gifts, carols and joyous celebration. Have the best Christmas ever with good health and the people you love around you. Be safe in your travels.

Roll on 2017…….